Pearly Penile Papules Toothpaste TreatmentMany people turn to home remedies to cure their pearly penile papules because they either don’t want a laser near their penis, don’t want to pay $3k for the surgery, or they’re too embarrassed to even talk to anyone about it. I know I didn’t mention them to anyone until I was 19 and went to the doctor. He said I could get the surgery if I really wanted, but I kindly (or not so kindly) declined.

So, I went home and looked up pearly penile papules home remedies online. One of the first I found was the pearly penile papules toothpaste treatment. It seemed like it had mixed results online. Some people claimed it make their penis burn, while others claimed that it helped reduce the site of the pearly penile papules (but did not get rid of them).

So, I tried this home remedy by applying small amounts of toothpaste to the affected area. I did for one week. I never felt any burning, but I also didn’t notice any change. It seemed to be that the toothpaste did absolutely nothing to my pearly penile papules. It didn’t help them or make them better. If you want to give the pearly penile papules toothpaste treatment a shot, I say go ahead. If it burns, just stop trying it. If it helps, then that’s awesome. However, you’re probably going to have the same results as I did, and nothing will happen.

If you want to check out a real method that I had success with, I recommend this one. Right now you can get it for just $37 through my discount link.

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